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Finance leaders are moving into 2023 with cautious and measured optimism; they are well aware of the challenges ahead. But these challenges come with opportunities and solutions. So as finance and accounting teams jump into 2022. There are some biggest solve my accounting paper in the financial sector—all you need to know about the important things when dealing with accounting problems.

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Let’s explore the challenges and their solutions:

Cash Flow

Often when there is economic hardship or signs that it’s pending, companies quickly ramp up liquidity by implementing cost-containment measures and deferring planned investments. Some of that focus on improving cash flow will persist into 2022, especially in capital expenditures.

Apart from these, improving the efficiency of accounts receivable and accounts payable processes will ensure steady cash flow.

Financial Reporting

Managing financial disclosures continues to be a concern for public and large private companies affected by SEC requirements. In addition, finance leaders are concerned about complying with reporting requirements from COVID-19 related government stimulus programs and ensuring proper documentation, recording and reporting for audits.

Additionally, changes around disclosure requirements for environmental, social and governance are likely ahead, and accounting teams need to be mindful of a shifting regulatory landscape.

Hiring and retaining talent

Hiring is continuing for accounting and finance roles in technology, health care, property management, financial services, and positions that keep cash accounts strong. These roles include billing, accounts receivable and collections.

Retaining top employees as competition intensifies is a crucial challenge. Some 8 in 10 finance and accounting managers are concerned about keeping valued employees. Two critical areas of concern are low morale and high rates of burnout because of heavy workloads - the latter being a somewhat perennial issue for accountants.

Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Although only some 2% of large firms have implemented machine learning or AI, about one-in-five indicate they are planning to start. AI implementations address labour shortages, automate labour-intensive tasks and deliver more insightful data.

As more transactional work becomes automated, accountants will need to develop different skills to apply their expertise to information and data generated from new technology and play a role in more business strategies.

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