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The Little Book Of Nail Art is your new go-to nail art tool!

Whether you’re a pro or beginner, this new nail art sketch book is destined to become your favorite everyday companion.

It’s been lovingly created by a nail artist for nail artists, specifically for Oval nails. It’s designed to help you to take your nail art to the next level and ensure no nail art idea gets lost in the everyday hustle of life. 

Durable, economical and functional, this book is compact enough to fit into any handbag. It’s perfect for travelling and as an everyday companion at the ready to document your nail art ideas whenever your nailspiration muse strikes. 

The book is available for 3 different nail shapes: 
- Stiletto nails: black cover 
- Square nails: blue cover 
- Oval nails: pink cover

SoNailicious Book of Nail Art


    • 620 nail templates in every book
    • Colour palettes templates and extra space for notes
    • High quality, thick paper
    • Stylish, Instagram friendly design
    • Durable cover with luxury silver foil
    • Compact (A6 size) and lightweight
    • Ready to personalise! if you leave your book somewhere it’ll find its way back to you!
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