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Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Most of you do not know this, but I used to run a beauty blog. I have always been a fan of makeup and I used to enjoy writing up reviews about items that I had purchased. Sometimes, I did nail polish reviews too. I used to revel at the colour creations of iconic brands like Chanel, and I LOVED the thicker nail polish applicator by Dior. Those days I had more time on my hands. I must admit that when I started my second job out of uni, I was thrown into the deep end. I felt like I was constantly working late because the job demanded it.

The blog basically came to a halt in 2013. I sold most of my makeup and said my goodbye to my then 20 followers. Here is my old blog, if you fancy a read (although most of these reviews would be irrelevant now):

What I hope to do, is to continue my passion for blogging on this platform.

Before I leave you, I just wanted to share how the name ByCindySocietal (or By CS) come to be. I originally wanted to call this brand "CS Polish" after my instagram name Cindy Societal. My best friend, the wise owl that she is, advised me to add "By" because it would allow me to expand to other products in the future. SHE WAS SO RIGHT.

I felt like this one singular addition has opened my mind to endless possibilities. My best friend knew that this one idea would not satisfy me. Now I know for certain that my business venture is just beginning. Right now, I have five nail polishes in my store. By the end the year, I hope to double that. By next year, I want to create my own hand and nail cream, provide some luxury packaging for birthday, Christmas, and any occasion gifts! One day - I will have my own makeup line.

Here is to growth and new beginnings.

I'll sign off this post like I did with my old blog(s).



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