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  • Why can't you ship nail polishes internationally?
    Nail polish is classified as flammable liquids and cannot be shipped via air mail. Currently, our founder travels to our two major overseas countries USA and UK to ship your orders from within country.
  • How long do your nail polish last?
    It really depends on your application. If you use a base coat and a top coat, the manicure/pedicure should last you around 5-7 days. We highly recommend our base and top coats to use with our polishes as they have been specially formulated to play well together. Our top coat is thick, and perfect for creating a smooth finish for glitter and shimmer polishes. If you take it a step further and seal your nail tips, the nail polish will wear even better.
  • Do you have any tips for wearing Gliterrati? I'm not happy with how many coats I need to make it look densely packed
    We've got you, girlfriend! With glitter polishes like Glitterati, you need to use the sponge method. What you will need is liquid latex (to prevent a mess when applying), and a sponge applicator (the triangle ones that we used to use for foundation). Have fun!
  • What is the difference between Nail Sticker Decals and Nail Stickers?
    Nail sticker decals are water transferred from the sheet to your nail. Generally, the design is ultra thin and looks very smooth on your nail and you won't be able to see any lines on the sides of the decal. Nail stickers are self adhesive. I have tried many designs from various sticker companies and none of them actually look as perfect as a nail sticker decal will. The only way to make the stickers look amazing and "at one" with your base colour is to apply two layers of our top coat which are quite thick in consistency. That being said, there are so many more designs of the nail stickers available because they are a little bit easier to use than the decals.
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